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Priestess Training

Priestess training is reserved for those that are interested in seriously walking the path of the Priestess and have graduated Rambling Rose, completed the extended requirements and are initiates of Triskele Rose Witchcraft. This is an invite only, one on one training, that is a minimum of one year and one day. However if you are interested please let Annwyn know so that we can talk about the requirements and determine if this is the right path for you. This is a demanding path, and is one of service. For most it will be a full time path and demands almost all of your attention. For this reason it is reserved for those that have proven they have the skills, drive and the time commitment required to train properly.

Triskele Rose Witchcraft

 Triskele Rose Witchcraft is a system of magic which we consider Avalonian Witchcraft. Triskele Rose is an initatory Mystery Tradition with an emphasis on magic, witchcraft, folk magic and ceremonial magic. Triskele Rose consists of Initiated members and forms the inner court of OuroboRose. It consists of those that have completed the Rambling Rose course, have dedicated to Triskele Rose and have successfully challenged and passed initiation. These comprise our Priestess, leaders, and other talented members. If you are interested we encourage you to get to know us by taking one or more of our course offerings. If we find that you are a good fit and if space is available we will open the doors to applicants. We keep the group at 9 members and no more (per location). This is to keep it intimate, and allows us to work deeply. Many of the members of Triskele Rose are active teachers in OuroboRose as well as in the community. We currently have 3 locations which run Rambling Rose and Triskele Rose style rituals. Below are our 3 locations and their Ritual Leaders and Priestesses if you are interested in the path of initiation through Triskele Rose we encourage you to begin seeking through Circle of the Rambling Rose. Visit our Virtual Shrine here!